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Accounting & Tax Guides

  • The Art of Accounting (PDF) — This guide has been presented in various workshops at the Great Pittsburgh Arts Council, the Center for Women's Entrepreneurship at Chatham University, and Flight School at Pittsburgh Filmmakers. You can utilize this to study on your own to help prepare for your annual tax returns and set up better bookkeeping practices.
  • Example of a Google Spreadsheet for Self Employed Income & Expenses (PNG)
  • Business Guides & Resources

  • 2016 Freelancers Workshop: This workshop is for women starting their own businesses. Lawyers, accountants, bank reps, insurance people, web design people will all in the same room giving expert tips on how to proceed in the cheapest, fastest way to be successful. Found more info at whetstoneworkgroup.com/workshops.
  • Chatham University's Center for Women's Entrepreneurship has several recurring classes and workshops, available for women only, that are super cheap and helpful. Check out the Small Business Basics Workshop coming up on August 8th!
  • The Institute for Entrepreneurial Excellence and SBDC at Pitt offers many resources for businesses of all sizes, as well as startups.
  • Tax Preparation

  • Don't be a procrastosaurus rex, prep for your tax meet-up with our Tax Return Interview Worksheet — even if you've already completed one from last year, please :D
  • Charitable Contributions Worksheet — for gifts, donations, and/or contributions to an eligible organization.
  • Additional worksheet for Self Employment
  • Additional worksheet for Rental Income
  • Business Worksheet for partnerships and corporations
  • If you're nowhere near ready to file by 4/18/16, then you'll have to apply for an extension. Call us for help or for DIY use Form 4868 (for individuals) and Form 7004 (for business returns) to get more time to prep. (Note: If you owe money to them, they're still gonna want it on 4/18/17! You can make an estimated payment when you file the extension.)
  • Earned Income Estimated Tax

    The following is a list of addresses for where to send your quarterly earned income estimated tax payments and vouchers.

  • Federal Vouchers (if you live in PA)
    Make payable to: US Treasury
    Internal Revenue Service
    P.O. Box 37007
    Hartford, CT 06176-7007
    Download Info & Vouchers (PDF)
    — Or pay online at www.eftps.gov
  • Pennsylvania Vouchers
    Make payable to: PA Dept of Revenue
    PA Department of Revenue
    PO Box 280403
    Harrisburg, PA 17128-0403
    Download Vouchers (PDF)
    — Or pay online at www.doreservices.state.pa.us/pitservices/
  • Local/City/Borough to Jordan Tax Services
    Make payable to: ACCTCD
    Jordan Tax Service, Inc
    Allegheny County Central TCD
    Frick Bldg
    437 Grant St Ste 900
    Pittsburgh, PA 15219-6101
    Download Vouchers (PDF)
  • Local/City/Borough to Keystone Collections
    Make payable to: Keystone Collections Group
    Keystone Collections Group
    PO Box 539
    Irwin, PA 15642-0539
    Download Vouchers (PDF)
    — Or pay online at www.keystonecollects.com/page/taxpayer under “Earned Income Tax”
  • Local/City/Borough to Berkheimer (Form DQ-1)
    Make payable to: HAB-EIT
    Berkheimer Tax Administrator
    PO Box 25157
    Lehigh Valley, PA 18002-5157
    Download Vouchers (PDF)
    — Or pay online at www.berk-e.com
  • Health Care

  • If you were insured through the Marketplace, you will receive a 1095-A via mail (also downloadable at Healthcare.gov), bring this to your tax preparer.
  • If you were insured through an employer or privately, you will need to know which months you were covered.
  • If you were insured for less than 9 months, or not at all, you may receive a penalty:
  • • In 2014, the penalty may be between $95-285.

    • In 2015, the penalties may be between $325-975.

    More info

  • Go to the Marketplace Fees & Exemptions FAQs if you did not insure yourself and you think you may have a reason for an exemption. (All hardship exemptions require application through the Marketplace, and not the IRS.)
  • Income levels that qualify for lower health coverage costs

    • PA is one of the states that expanded Medicaid costs

    • For example, in PA, your yearly income would have to be $16,243 or above to qualify for Marketplace coverage

    • Alternatively, below that figure may qualify you for Medicaid.

  • 2014 Lowest Plan Premiums Tax Tool (Marketplace)
  • Subcontractor Reporting

  • January 18, 2017: information for reporting due to Bowie & Co
  • Pricing: $40 set-up + $10/subcontractor (includes postage & materials)
  • Subcontractor Reporting (DIY Preparation)

  • January 31, 2017: 1099s due to subcontractors
  • February 28, 2017: 1096 due to IRS
  • Where to order 1099s & 1096s:
  • • Buy at Staples (or similar office stores)

    • Order them for free at IRS Form Center

    • Pay to eFile at Intuit eFile