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Accounting Consulting$60/hour
Tax preparation and projecting$75/hour
Basic Sitch: $75-$125W-2
Schedule A (simple)
Second Base: $175-$225Schedule C or E (simple)
K-1 from business return
Schedule A (more complicated)
Investment/Capital Gains
Gettin' Busy: $275-$325Schedule C or E (less simple or multiple)
Schedule A (more complicated)
Investments/Capital Gains (more complicated)
It's Complicated: $425-$475Schedule C or E (more complicated or multiple)
Multiple orther tax items
Hot Mess: $600+All kinds of things are happening
Schedule A = temized deductions (medical expenses, charitable contributions, mortgage interest, unreimbursed employee expenses)
Schedule C = Self Employment Income
Schedule E = Rental Income
RCT-101 (for any agency with an LLC)+$50
S-corp, Partnership, Corp, Non-profit$300-$1500+
Payroll Processing$60/month + $60/hour
1099 & 1096 Preparation and Filing$40 set-up + $10/sub.
Local Services & Expense Tax (LS & ET)$25/return
Sales Tax$40/return
Business Registration2$400
Filing for S-Election$150
2This package includes: LLC filing, EIN application, and registration with PA and City. This does not include the PA filing fee of $125.